What is the shipping cost?

Juicytoyz offer Free shipping to worldwide.


※When will I receive my doll?

Under normal circumstances your doll will be handled in 24 working hours after we receive your love sex doll order if in stock. Although it will take more 3 working days to produce your own unique love doll in our factory if you make customization options.  So it will take 7-15 working days totally to delivery your doll package at your door.


※Will the makeup fall off?

We use secret special technics to do the makeup,which generally will not drop.You could consider it as a layer of coating which will gradually fade and become thin as the player constantly rub and play it. In order to protect the makeup,please just wipe the head.Do not clean it.

※How to use after I receive my love doll?

1 Install the head

2 Wear the wig

3 Put on the clothes

※How to Clean your Sex Doll?

Clean your sex partner by 4 steps:

1 Put the mild body wash products on the Body

2 Clean your doll with warm water

3 Waiting the wet body dry naturally

4 Apply the baby powder

INTTENTION: Please clean the head of your love doll separately.

※Please read the user manual carefully, here are 6 tips for you:

1 Clean Your love Doll before make close contact with her

2 Clean the sex doll every at least 30 days

3 Clean the head separately

4 DO NOT use the hair dryer

5 DO NOT drop water on the joint of the head and neck in case rust

6 Avoiding your doll directly under sunlight for a long time