Because of the TPE material, it is easy to encounter dyeing problems during use and storage a doll. Once dyed, how to remove stains is a difficult problem. Today I share two methods in this article and hope this can helps guys who encounter the issue.

Required materials: alcohol, gasoline, nail polish

1.3% hydrogen peroxide is diluted with water in a ratio of about 1:5, add a few drops of ammonia or soda ash aqueous solution, and lightly brush with a soft              brush dipped in the solution.

  1. In order to further improve the bleaching effect, the solution can be appropriately heated. This method is to use oxidative bleaching to remove the color on the leather surface.
  2. Dissolve sodium sulfonate in warm water and make a 3~5% solution. Dip a soft brush into the solution and brush lightly. This is a method of reducing bleaching. If the above method is used properly, it should be able to remove the dye. But because of the leather board The cause of bleeding, the whiteness of the leather bag may be affected. If bleaching is forced, the leather board may be wetted and the structure of the leather bag may be affected. It is recommended that you stay in moderation.

After the color is removed, When choosing clothes for the doll, try to choose light-colored clothes, such as white, pink, yellow, etc. Light-colored clothes   have to be passed through the water before wearing them. Dark clothes are not recommended, such as black, blue, etc. , Because there will be staining  problems. The solution to the dyeing problem is:

  1. Take a shower immediately, wash well with body soap, then dry or wipe dry, and then apply talcum powder. Repeat once every three days and it will gradually fade.
  2. Prepare a clean white towel and a bottle of alcohol. Use alcohol to soak the towel, wrap the towel around the dyed silicone skin area, fix the towel, and wait for a certain amount of time (the time depends on the severity of the staining). The color will gradually separate out as the alcohol volatilizes. While using the above method, use talcum powder to wipe the dyed part frequently to speed up the recovery.