Sex Doll Care & maintenance

1.What are the material of the sex dolls?

The material of the life-like sex dolls is made of a new type of polymer environmentally friendly material TPE, also known as Cyberskin (virtual skin) internationally. This material is non-toxic and harmless, with the smoothness, softness and elasticity of real human skin. The material meets national regulations According to the relevant safety standards, there is no harm to the human body or the environment. Please rest assured to use!

2.Can I make the love doll different postures?

The product is equipped with various metal joints inside the body, which can pose various postures within a certain range. However, since the product is in a natural straight posture when it leaves the factory, it is not allowed to hold the model for a long time or maintain difficult movements to avoid Make a certain part of the rubber deformed and damaged due to long-term pulling. For example, the stretchable position of arms and thighs cannot be kept open or running for a long time. Please merge them after use.

3.How to clean my TPE love doll?

If there is dust and dirt on the surface of the model, it can be cleaned with general detergent, such as washing powder, shower gel, etc. However, avoid using fingernails to scratch the surface of the model. After washing the surface of the model and other surface moisture, apply the distributed touch powder (you can also use talcum powder) evenly on the surface. After washing, the surface of the model is as smooth as before, and the hand feels delicate. Manufacturer’s suggestion: regular cleaning and maintenance as appropriate.

Clean your sex partner by 4 steps:
1 Put the mild body wash products on the Body

2 Clean your doll with warm water

3 Waiting the wet body dry naturally

4 Apply the baby powder

INTTENTION: Please clean the head of your love doll separately.

※Please read the user manual carefully, here are 6 tips for you:

1 Clean Your love Doll before make close contact with her
2 Clean the sex doll every at least 30 days

3 Clean the head separately

4 DO NOT use the hair dryer

5 DO NOT drop water on the joint of the head and neck in case rust

6 Avoiding your doll directly under sunlight for a long time

4.Can the sex doll be placed in the sunlight?

Avoiding leaving doll in direct sunlight after usage. Please put away clean after each use.

5.Can I dress up my doll with dark clothing or artificial grass?

Do not place the doll on artificial grass or dyed leather seats for a long time, and avoid wearing dark clothing for a long time to prevent its pigment from penetrating into the skin.

6.What should I do if if there are indentations or streaks on the surface of my sex doll?

If there are indentations or streaks on the surface of the model due to prolonged squeezing, use a clean, non-marking white cloth to moisten it with water, and then

blow it against the surface of the cloth with a hot air blower. After a period of time, the indentation will disappear.

7.How to fix if there is a small area of ​​damage on the surface of the doll?

If there is a small area of ​​damage on the surface of the doll, you can use the glue to bond, first clean the damaged surface, restore the glue at the wound to the original position, apply a layer of glue evenly, and wait for half an hour Left and right to solid. If you have any other technical questions, please contact the seller or manufacturer directly. The manufacturer provides processing technology as appropriate.

8.What should I do if my love doll’s skin is damaged?

Once the baby’s skin is damaged, please stop using it immediately and make effective repairs as soon as possible. It should be noted that general adhesives cannot be used for TPE glue. Please use the special repair agent delivered by our company when repairing. If you need repair fluid, please contact our customer service to purchase. Please do not directly repair larger or more serious damage. Please take a photo and contact our customer service to confirm the repair plan.