When purchasing a sex doll  you should be considered 4 aspects as follow:

1. Doll head: The material of the doll head will affect the exquisiteness of the face and makeup. The head made of silicone material is generally more delicate and lifelike than the face made of TPE material, but the price is generally a bit more expensive. However, the silicone material is harder and generally has no channels at the mouth, while the TPE material is softer and has channels at the mouth. For a higher budget, you can also buy a hair transplant head. The hair texture is no different from a real person.

2. Doll Body: If the body is used for photographic dressing and requires a more realistic shape, you can choose silicone material (higher price). Then pay attention to choosing the body and height, the height is generally 100cm -180cm, the heavier it is (may be so heavy that you can’t move it~ it is best to ask the customer service doll weight before buying.)

3. Skeleton: The skeleton of the doll determines that the doll can assume a pose. Now the latest model-EVO skeleton(possibly in a pose that people can’t pose, it may also work, after all, gymnastics is soft~~) remember to ask customer service when buying.

4. For other details: Hair, eye color, hairstyle, three-point styles, etc. can all be combined by DIY, and you can choose your favorite taste.

lifelike sex doll

165cm sex doll

138cm sex doll

HR doll

SE doll